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SVI Security Solutions LLC (also referred to as “SVI” and “the Company”), was originally established in order to research and develop security solutions for major and independent oil and gas operators on a global scale. SVI Security Solutions set forth with the mission to contend with and solve the $10 billion dollar annual oilfield theft problem that operators are facing on a daily basis. Research and Development (R&D) of the SVI system was conducted over a three (3) year period utilizing highly experienced integrators, coders, and programmers. During the R& D period, the Company conducted a thorough market analysis and carefully field tested its system in the harshest environments. The analysis and tests were all conducted in the United States and Middle East. The results of SVI Security Solutions’ diligent work produced the most economical and technically advanced, fully integrated M2M (machine to machine) security system available on the market today. The SVI technology consists of a wireless alert and notification camera system that combines SVI’s copyrighted proprietary software with cutting edge cellular technology to send an alert and video directly to the end user (customer). Literally, during the moment of any type of intrusion or sensor monitored activity, the automated wireless security system simultaneously alerts up to five persons at a time. The alert and video footage of the cause of the alert or activity is sent without the time delay of first passing through a manned central monitoring station. This eliminates human error, and allows the users the flexibility and the ability to distinguish between false alarms and actual breach events. SVI Security Solutions’ proprietary technology has proven to be very effective in commercial, industrial and residential applications to help combat theft, vandalism and possible terrorist activities. SVI’s M2M technology is currently being used to secure oil and gas well locations, gold mines, construction sites, energy substations, power plants, water treatment facilities, irrigation plants, storage trailers, shipping containers, cell towers, commercial storage facilities, foreclosed properties, residences, fuel tanks, farms, ranches, etc. This service is ideal for any situation that requires security with a fast and reliable wireless surveillance solution.

SVI Security Solutions has developed a proprietary, cutting edge, wireless video alert system for indoor and outdoor use, utilizing M2M technology. These systems are especially advantageous to oil and gas, utilities, construction, and water treatment companies. The video is immediately sent to the end user or whomever they designate and can be viewed on any smart cellular telephone. The alert and video are sent directly to the end user without the use of a manned central monitoring station. This M2M technology takes human error out of the equation. Along with these systems, lithium battery operated hi-tech control panels have been developed utilizing the latest technology maximizing their effectiveness in applied situations. These lithium batteries can last up to four (4) years and the customer is alerted upon a low battery signal. The batteries can be replaced easily in the field in less than five (5) minutes.

SVI’s indoor and outdoor wireless alert systems solve many problems associated with traditional surveillance systems. Typical systems do not have immediate alerts in place that notify users of an intrusion. The SVI Security Solutions system alerts up to 5 cell phones the second it detects an intrusion, allowing the designated people to respond in the moment, as opposed to days later after reviewing security tapes. These systems are wireless, portable, and battery operated, allowing customers to set them up wherever they need heightened security regardless of access to a power source. This also eliminates the danger of a system failure due to power outages. The video clips that the security system sends out will be able to be viewed by any smart cellular phone, thereby offering users the convenience of viewing the intrusion on the spot, rather than having to access an internet connection first to view the action remotely. This instantaneous feedback will decrease the response time of the security personnel, enabling them to take action against security intrusions as they’re happening. This groundbreaking technology does not require a manned central monitoring station, but provides peace of mind to security personnel that any intrusions will be alerted to them immediately.

This system has many potential applications for any business in need of highly effective security measures. It is currently being effectively utilized in the oil and gas industry, mining, construction, real estate, and many other industries.

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